The PCP ROBOTS as Themselves
Joe Hornacek as Various
Jerry White Jr. as Various


Joe Hornacek

Written by

Joe Hornacek


Joe Hornacek
Jerry White Jr.

PCP Robots and Sets

Joe Hornacek


John Ryan


My friend John suggested that we should do some graffiti one night, so we gathered up some spray paint and painted some shit on the back of this run down supermarket. John ended up painting a robot, with big letters next to it that spelled “PCP Robot.” We were all stoked because this was the biggest thing, and nobody else could come up with anything that was as cool. Also, it was a relief to see something cooler than the usual graffiti done by wanna-be, pot smoking, rich kid deadheads that would paint “Dick rules,” and “pot.”

So, being movie makers, punk rook, energized, and all that, we tried to imagine what the PCP Robot would look like or do. We all had different ideas and our own experiences talking about it. So, PCP Robot kinda became a vibe. We started drawing pictures, doing PCP art, making up words, and talking about building robots. I always that that it was a fun thing to do.

It’s like seeing old sci-fi movies for the first time. You know, the ones form the ’60s with really fucked up robots? Man versus machine. But then somehow the robots would get life or some weird ghetto soul from taking PCP.

With all this shit floating around in my head, as well as turning 20 and wanting to get something accomplished, I decided I was going to make my version of a life size PCP Robot. I made the head and that was it. It’s kinda cool, it lights up. We took a picture of it and used it for the cover of HOOFSIP #12.

At some point, I decided I was going to make miniature robots, spaceships, stories, and sets. I don’t remember how in the hell I came up with the stories, but I do remember thinking, “All right, the PCP Robot is going to be walking and then some freaked out robot will start fighting him.” John kept the vibe alive with his music, which gave me lots of inspiration.

As the months went by, and as the deadlines expanded, the PCP Robot movie was finished during the last couple weeks of December ’95. Jerry reserved eight hour blocks of editing time a day and we would go about four days a week. Approximately 20 hours of this time was spent on PCP Robot alone.

The music was done by John Ryan (one of the most creative people I’ve ever met). People have described Aphex Twin as the “Jimi Hendrix of techno,” well John Ryan is the “PCP Robot of electronic music.” In the end, John’s music and the overall vibe I felt while making the movie came through strong and in a righteous way. Once scene shows the LF Brothas actually interacting in the PCP Robot’s world. Another scene shows the PCP spaceship floating around artistically. Other scenes have different forms of artwork while “PCP Robot” is said in varying unusual tones.

Hope you will check PCP Robot out. I’m currently working on more scenes to make the movie longer. Hopefully we will be making John’s version of the PCP Robot in the spring.

Peace out…and in case you’re wondering, we do not take PCP.

Joe Hornacek, HOOFSIP #17, February 1996